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Grade 7

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American Mink

American mink have beautiful, thick, glossy fur. At one time, many were exported to other countries where farmers raised them for their fur. Find out what happened to native species when fur… More →

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America's Colonization and Settlement

Following a student visiting a living history museum, this engaging title takes readers on a journey in US history from 1585-1763, the period of North America's Colonization and settlement. More →

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America: Three Worlds Meet

Following a student who is helping make a documentary film, this engaging title takes readers on a journey of US history from its beginnings to 1620, a period that the three worlds of Europe, More →

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Andrew Carnegie

Readers will be introduced to Andrew Carnegie and his rise from impoverished immigrant to one of the world's wealthiest industrialists. Learn how this self-made master of the American steel… More →

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Angel Island Immigration

This book relays the factual details of immigration through the Angel Island station, which is near San Francisco, California. The narrative provides multiple accounts of the event, and… More →

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