Cover: Africanized Honey Bee
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Africanized Honey Bee

From the Set 21st Century Skills Library

Honeybees are known for their familiar buzzing and honey production. Learn how an experiment meant to increase honey production created aggressive Africanized honeybees that have taken over territory and caused big problems for beekeepers, farmers, and anyone unlucky enough to disturb them.

Interest Level Grade 4 - Grade 8
Reading Level Grade 6
Number of Pages 32
Dimensions 7.5 x 9.5


Available Formats Reinforced book (9781602791176), PDF (9781602793460), ePub (9781631379291), Hosted ebook (9781602793460H), Kindle (9781631372209)
Publication Date 01/01/2008
Language English
Copyright 2008
Dewey 595.79'9