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Science & Technology

Information Explorer Junior

The Information Explorer Junior series provides younger readers with the tools they need to FIND, ORGANIZE, and SHARE information clearly and effectively. Targeted at an earlier age range… More →

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Innovation in Entertainment

The Innovation in Entertainment series answers questions like these: Did you ever wonder who invented your favorite video game? Who came up with the idea to add a camera to your cell phone?… More →

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Innovation in Medicine

The Innovation in Medicine series explores the role innovation has played in medicine and how peoples life and health have improved as a result. Life expectancy has increased by some 28 years More →

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Innovation in Sports

The Innovation in Sports series answers questions like: Did you ever wonder who made up the rules of your favorite sport? Why does the equipment looks the way it does? You'll find the answers More →

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Innovation in Transportation

The Innovation in Transportation series takes a look at people and creative ideas that have changed the way that we travel and transport products. The series answers questions like: Did you… More →

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Innovations from Nature

From airplanes to football helmets, some of the greatest inventions of all time have been based on the natural abilities of plants and animals. Readers will learn how some of history's most… More →

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Learn About Earth's Systems: Bays

In Learn About Earth's Systems: Bays, readers will explore how the water, ground, air, and plant and animal life interact. This series takes readers on a journey to eight of America's bays.… More →

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Let's Make Graphs

Each photo-illustrated book in the Let's Make Graphs series introduces new readers to a type of graph or graphing concept. Content focuses on explaining graphing concepts and encouraging… More →

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Makers as Innovators

Some of today's most incredible innovations are coming from the global community of makers. These thinkers, inventors, and hackers share information and technology to push new ideas forward.… More →

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