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Social Studies

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Using the new C3 Framework for Social Studies Standards, these books explore the six most popular world religions through the lenses of History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. In Buddhism, More →

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Budgeting in Infographics

Understanding how to wisely budget money is an important part of everyday life. In this book, readers learn the most important financial literacy rule: Spend less than you earn. Learning… More →

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Burgers: What's the Beef?

Explore all the aspects of your favorite food: burgers! From the first known plating, to the creative and wacky flavors across cultures and history, this book traces the transformations of… More →

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Bus Driver

Each book in the My Friendly Neighborhood series is written for the earliest readers and dedicated to describing a neighborhood worker. This book studies the responsibilities of bus drivers.… More →

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Canadian Taiga

Explore the taiga of Canada and learn all about what it's like to live in this biome, from what kinds of plants and animals are found there to what kinds of weather it receives. More →

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Career and Technical Education

The Cool Careers series introduces readers to interesting and important careers for the 21st century. The focus of the series is on careers that are projected to grow over the next several… More →

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Career Clues for Kids

What do you want to be when you grow up? Answering this question can be tricky for young readers. There are so many choices, where does one begin? Let's start with a few questions. What's… More →

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The Working At... series introduces young readers to many career choices. Each book in the series provides students with an overview of what it is like to work within an organization like a… More →

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Celebrating Diversity in My Classroom

Each book in the Celebrating Diversity in My Classroom series takes an age-appropriate look at the culture of a particular country/heritage. Countries covered include top immigrant groups in… More →

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