What Does it Mean to Be a School Librarian During COVID-19?

This webinar facilitated by Kristin Fontichiaro focuses on:
  • Addressing school needs vs. program needs during the pandemic
  • What are stakeholders (e.g., parents, students, teachers, admins) worried about? How can librarians help?
  • What needs are librarians seeing that others are not?
  • Suggested resources

Getting a Foot in the Door: Building Curriculum Bundles

This webinar facilitated by Kristin Fontichiaro discusses how to get resources into the hands of those who need them. This webinar explores:
  • Taking initiative and communicating with teachers
  • Instructional menus
  • Building out sample curriculum bundles
  • A group activity to practice what you've learned

Being Heard During Covid-19

This webinar facilitated by Kristin Fontichiaro explores:
  • Sharpening the language around your programs and services so they appeal to the needs and desires of your stakeholders.

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